IV hydration therapy is the best way to give your body the hydration and nourishment it needs. Our infusions are enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & electrolytes to provide your cells with the needed nutrients to function optimally & regenerate themselves.

Why IV Hydration Therapy?


IV hydration therapy has the same effect on your skin that water has on a wilted plant, bringing your skin back to a firm and healthy glow. Pure hydration increases your blood volume and replenishes lost electrolytes, restoring healthy circulation and heart function.


If you are feeling lethargic and run down, IV hydration therapy can restore your normal energy levels by replenishing fluids, nutrients, & electrolytes to keep your mind & body humming in harmony


Strengthen your body’s defense against infections, improve healing, & decrease inflammation. Improve immune system. Improve circulation to aid in tissue repair & muscle recovery.

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The VitaDrip

This drip is the perfect way to rehydrate and recover from a night out, poor sleep, travel, and other activities that leave you feeling less-than-great.

Contains a blend of essential b-vitamins, including B-12 . Boost your immune system with vitamin C, achieve mental clarity, combat stress, improve jet lag, & of course immediate hydration.

The Immunity Drip

Strengthen your body’s defense system. This drip is loaded with immune-boosting vitamins such as Vitamin C & zinc. B12 is important to kick the cold & increase energy with this immunity drip!

The Luxx Drip

This luxurious drip is enriched with biotin and glutathione. Biotin improves skin, scalp, and nail health, which enhances growth and shine. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress, detoxes the liver, and reduces inflammation. Beauty begins within!

The G.O.A.T Drip

Do you aspire to become the greatest of all time? This drip is excellent for active individuals looking to improve their performance or recover after a workout. Contains an amino acid blend that increases libido & stamina. Energy booster with a blend of b vitamins, including b-12 & Vitamin C.

The Zen Drip

Feed your soul, not just your cells. This drip is to promote relaxation from within and aid in sleep. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, so this is an excellent way to unwind after a busy week. Great for the workaholic dealing with an insane schedule, anxiety, and an aching body.

The Detox Drip

Cleanse & replenish your body. This drip is formulated to rid the body of toxins & free radicals while boosting immunity! Includes glutathione, which naturally detoxes the liver & flushes toxins.

The HydraDrip

Feeling dehydrated? This drip formula contains normal saline for those who need a quick hydration boost. This 0.9% saline bag will give you the hydration your cells are needing.

The Gut Drip

Support the GI lining from inflammation and stress. Improve unwanted symptoms of common GI conditions for a happy gut.

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B-12

Increase energy & metabolism. Improves mood and immunity.

Fat Burner

This lipotropic injection contains amino acids, vitamins, & mineral blend to increase metabolism, breaks down carbohydrates & boosts energy to aid in weight loss


Improves hair health and appearance and promotes rapid hair growth. May alleviate eczema and dermatitis. Improves nail health and helps prevent and heal cracked, split, and brittle nails

Rejuvenate Yourself With Our Nutrient Enriched IV Hydration Therapy

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