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Replenish. Recharge. Defend.

“I left feeling like a new person! Truly revitalized and refreshed.”

Tekiya R.

patient receiving V hydration therapy in Lake Nona, Orlando

IV Therapy

Choose the drip you need most. Each experience is private and luxurious for ultimate comfort and relaxation


Best for: hangovers, jetlag & overall wellness

Rehydrate and recover from a night out, poor sleep, or travel. Contains a blend of essential B-vitamins like B12 and immunity-boosting vitamin C to achieve mental clarity, combat stress, and deliver immediate hydration.


Immunity Drip

Best for: strengthening your body’s defense system

This drip is loaded with immune-boosting vitamins such as vitamins C, zinc, and B12 to help you fend off the cold and increase your energy.


Luxx Drip

Best for: beautiful skin, hair & nails

This luxurious drip is enriched with biotin—which enhances growth and shine—and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress, detoxes the liver, and reduces inflammation. Beauty begins within.


G.O.A.T Drip

Best for: athletic performance & recovery

Great athletes know that recovery is crucial for optimal performance. This drip contains an amino acid blend that increases libido and stamina, an energy-boosting B-vitamin blend, and vitamin C.


Zen Drip

Best for: de-stressing & relaxation

Unwind after a busy week with this magnesium-based drip, which promotes relaxation and aids sleep. Ideal for undoing the effects of the daily grind, anxiety, and aching muscles.


Detox Drip

Best for: cleansing & replenishing

Cleanse and replenish with this drip formulated to rid the body of toxins and free radicals while boosting immunity. Includes glutathione, which naturally detoxes the liver and flushes toxins.


“I live a very public life, and I get IV drips all the time due to being a nightlife entertainer.

VitaLuxx is so intimate, private, and exclusive, which makes me feel like an A-lister in Hollywood. The VitaDrip helps me recover fast.”

King J.

Vitamin Shots

Try vitamin injections when you’re short on time but don’t want to skimp on results.

Vitamin B12

Our favorite multipurpose injection, vitamin B12 Increases energy and metabolism and improves mood and immunity for an overall boost.


Fat Burner

This lipotropic injection contains amino acids, vitamins, and a mineral blend to increase metabolism, break down carbohydrates, and boost energy to aid in weight loss.



Enhance immune system function, detoxification, anti-aging effects, improved athletic performance, reduced inflammation, improved mental health, and improved skin health.



IV hydration replenishes, energizes, hydrates, and fortifies your cells. It’s used to treat fatigue, boost your immune system, recover from physical exertion, and even provide relief from some chronic illnesses.

Receiving one liter of IV fluids is the hydrating equivalent of two gallons of water. Your cells not only get hydrated but nourished by our vitamin-enriched infusions.

Hydration and nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream via the intravenous route. By bypassing the digestive system, resulting in 100% bioavailability to be utilized by your cells.

Our base solutions are 0.9% normal saline, with added vitamins, minerals, and/or amino acids.

IV hydration is dripped into the vein while injections are delivered instantaneously into the muscle. The effects of IV hydration are felt more quickly, whereas the results of injections take longer to become noticeable but typically last longer.

It varies with each client. There are different factors that affect how soon the effects may be felt, such as type of infusion, client age, and metabolism. 

For example, if you’re receiving IV therapy for hydration or to cure a hangover, you can expect results anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours after treatment. If your purpose is to boost your energy levels, the effects of IV infusion therapy can be noticed within four days to two weeks after treatment. If you are having an IV infusion to accelerate your metabolism, or to improve your skin, it may take at least three weeks before you start to notice the positive effects.

For best results, you should receive IV hydration every 2-3 weeks depending on your specific needs. We recommend becoming a member so you can benefit from member-only pricing and optimal results.

Most clients experience no side effects. There may be some discomfort or bruising at the IV insertion site.

Our supplements, supplies, and solutions are all from a reputable medical supply company & 503B pharmacy. We are sourced from companies that supply hospitals. We are compliant with the USP 797 guidelines for compounding and administration of IV therapy.

Pain is subjective to an individual but most clients experience minimal or no discomfort. (Including those who don’t like needles!) Our nurses are highly experienced in IV catheter insertion and maintenance and will ensure to keep discomfort at a minimum.

Based on the therapy plan you and the provider develop, infusions can take between 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t have time? Intramuscular vitamin injections are completed within minutes.

We provide infusions to clients ages 18-65. A team of registered nurses and a physician will review your medical history and assess if IV therapy is appropriate for each individual client. 

There are certain medical conditions that may deem certain clients ineligible for IV therapy. While IV therapy is generally safe, we recommend consulting with your doctor before receiving any services. All services provided are voluntary in nature and are not a substitute for medical care.

“As a mother of four, it’s not easy having energy when you need to rely on it most. 

After receiving IV hydration, I have NEVER felt more rejuvenated. Now my little ones have to keep up with me! The drip I’d recommend HANDS DOWN is the G.O.A.T drip!”

Tekiya R.

Payment & financing options

HSA and FSA eligible

We accept HSA, FSA, and credit cards from all major companies, including Apple and Google Pay. We also provide invoices you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement (if eligible).

Flexible payment options

We offer flexible payment options through Cherry Financing with no hard credit checks, hidden costs, or fees. Payment plans up to 24 months and 0% APR for qualifying applicants.

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